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Sago Spaces is an interior design studio established in 2021, dedicated to creating unique and elegant spaces tailored to your imagination and expectations. We offer design consultancy and furnished interiors for residential and commercial projects. Using advanced tools and platforms, we provide 2D layouts, 3D renders, virtual reality experiences, and more to effectively communicate our designs to clients. 


At Sago, we understand your vision for a home or workspace, and with our artistic abilities, we curate practical, soothing, and captivating designs with a mélange of textures, unique design styles, stunning colour palettes, and automation. Sustainability is also an important part of our ethos. We reduce waste and use sustainable practices to build aesthetically pleasing spaces that are unique and elegant. You can expect harmonious project execution and delivery from Sago Spaces, as our mantra is to prioritise our clients' needs and vision.





The long road to finding my passion…


She began her professional journey as a Chartered Accountant, but always felt drawn towards design and creativity. Fascinated by every space and its design details, she finally decided to turn the page and walk into the world of Interior Design.


As she pursued this path, her passion for interior design only intensified, particularly after completing an Interior Architecture & Design course and working on various projects. Since 2021, she has worked on numerous residential, commercial, and industrial projects, discovering the power of creating spaces that connect with people, inspire them, and provide a sense of ease. That's why she founded Sago Spaces, a design studio dedicated to delivering personalised interior design solutions that cater to each client's unique needs and style. She personally handles every client and strives to understand their vision to create spaces that they truly love. Sago Spaces takes pride in transforming every space into a functional, aesthetically pleasing, and meaningful environment.

“You will often find your spaces light up as I lay strong emphasis on the small details and blend different aesthetic elements to curate a unique look.”

- Aanchal

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